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The Importance of Fixing Blocked Drains Immediately

At some point, every drain will become blocked by something or another. The problem could be caused by a build-up of crud in the pipe interior or it could be because of obstructions in the drain. The longer you take to fix the problem the worse it will become and the more damage it will cause. Pay attention to your drains and how they behave to know when to call for help in unblocking them.

What Can Cause Blockages

It is usually in the pipes where the blockage begins. Your pipes collect a build-up of grime and waste over their lifetime. This can be hair, wasted food, dirt, pieces of household items and more. Leaves and trash from outside can get into your pipes as well. If they are left there, they can cause blockages. Once they are blocked, you will see that your drains aren’t working like they should be.

Water may flow at a slower rate or not at all, and once the pipes begin to back up, the water will go back to its source and start flooding. It doesn’t matter what the source may be- toilet, washing machine, sink or bathtub- it can all flood.

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The Aftermath

If your drain is slow, then that means you need to get your drains and pipes inspected by a certified plumber. You don’t want to ignore the signs of flooding and blockage, because these problems can cause serious structural damage and do more than just inconvenience you.

Your property can suffer serious damage due to blocked drains and the water they release into your home. Electrical wiring is particularly susceptible to flooding, and if it is affected, it can cause severe problems for you. You might even have to replace your wiring if it becomes water damaged.

Having blocked drains can be detrimental to your health and safety as well. The standing water it creates can cause mould growth or become a breeding ground for mosquitos and bacteria. Sickness will likely soon follow.

As soon as you notice blocked drains or flooded plumbing fixtures, you should give 2 Brothers Plumbing a call. Our licensed plumbers have the tools and training necessary to handle jobs of any size and provide you with the best solutions


It is never a good time to have plumbing issues in the home. There are times, though, when it is difficult to avoid common plumbing problems like blocked drains.

Our team at 2 Brothers Plumbing provides emergency services that can give you the help you need when you need it. You can have your home’s plumbing back into working order quickly.

If you want to help speed up the process, then here are a few tips for you that you can put to use before the plumbers come to your home to remove the blockage.

For flooding issues, try to get rid of the excess water as much as you can. You can squeegee or dry it up to reduce the chance of accidents and to make things easier for the plumbers when they arrive.

You also want to clear up traffic and obstructions around the problem area. Secure any pets that may be in the home and ensure that everyone stays away from the affected area. That will reduce dirt and debris build-up in the area and ensure that the plumbers can get to the site unobstructed. Having everyone out of the way while the plumbers are working will help them concentrate too and ensure that they can do the best job possible.

If you are concerned about dirt being tracked through the house and mud being formed from water tracks, then you can set out a trail of newspapers for the plumbers to use as they walk through your house. This helps the plumbers realize how important it is for you to keep your house clean, and they will take the effort necessary to keep a clean scene.

You can also find out where the manhole is located on your property and be ready to show the plumbers when they arrive. The manhole could be at the front or back of your property.

Blocked drains may seem like a major problem but with the right plumbers on the job, it doesn’t have to take long to get things back in order.

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