When to Call the Plumber for a Sewer Problem

Is there possibly something wrong with your sewer line? You should have it taken care of right away. If your sewer line is damaged, it can cost you a lot of money to repair it. In many cases, you’re lucky to only have to pay for tube repairs. It’s possible that a busted sewer line will create all sorts of flooding and electrical problems. Sewer issues are more than just expensive, though, they can also be quite hazardous.

If you want to avoid any serious trouble with your sewerage, then you should learn to notice the signs of damaged or clogged pipes and drains so that you can call a sewerage plumber in Melbourne to deal with it.

You know your sewer line is having trouble if:

There is a blockage. This causes extra water to come out of the sink or tub when the toilet is flushed. It indicates that something is blocking the sewer line and that the water you are flushing is not leaving the system like it should.

There is the smell of sewer gas in the air. The only place that a sewer system’s smell can get out of is the sewer vent. If you smell it anywhere else, then you probably have a crack somewhere in your sewer system.

You see mould. If the conditions are humid, the mould may start to grow, and that kind of environment can be caused by a sewer line crack somewhere.

Water levels in the toilet bowl go up and down. Those levels should be steady, but if they aren’t, then there is a problem with your pipes and an overflow will happen in time.

You see puddles accumulating on your lawn. If you see water pooling your yard, then you probably have the sewer line to blame. Some areas may have very lush, green grass, which could indicate a leak there.

You see sinkholes on your property. Sewer leakage can damage your home’s foundation. When you notice sinkholes in the ground or cracks in the floor, you may have the sewer line to blame.

You see a pest infestation. Rats, roaches, bugs and rodents may be coming through the sewer line and its crack into your home. If you see them, it could be an indicator of a sewer problem.

You should not ignore any sewer problems you find. If you see anything like these signs on your property, then call a Melbourne sewerage plumber right away.

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