New Builds & Renovations

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New Builds & Renovations

Leaking Taps: We can repair leaking or broken taps.  We can also supply and install new taps and mixers and with a large range of suppliers we can find a tap to suit your needs and budget.

Zip Units:  For on demand boiling or chilled filtered water contact us to discuss your options on Zip units.  We can supply and install a wide range of commercial or domestic units to service your home or office.

Filtered Tap Water:  Worried about contaminants in your water?  Then we have the solution.  We offer taps and filtration systems for clean, cold drinking water on demand.

Don’t Renovate the Wrong Way

If your renovation isn’t properly planned out or executed, then it can cause you all sorts of problems later. Your taps may leak, you may have problems with drainage or your showers could suffer weak output. Improper planning can also cause you all sorts of stress as you perform the remodel. If you are trying to demolish part of the kitchen or bathroom, you could end up tearing down pipes with the walls.

Our Areas Of Expertise

It’s important to hire the right person for the job, and our team specializes in the following areas of service

Blocked Toilets

Here at 2 Brothers Plumbing we understand that having a blocked toilet is an urgent issue that needs to rectified ASAP and thats why we offer guaranteed same day service for blockages. Blockages can occur in the toilet itself or can sometimes be a bigger issue with the main sewer.

Toilet Repairs

Whether its a leak into the toilet bowl or onto the floor we can repair any and all toilet leaks. We use quality products and with loads of experience with all types of toilets we can fix anything.

Toilet Installations

Does your toilet have a single flush? Is it old and dated? 2 Brothers plumbing can supply and install a toilet to suit your needs and budget. We have a large range of suppliers and can install all makes and models. Save money on your water bill by upgrading to a new water saving dual flush toilet.

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Need a Plumber Today?

All the work we do is backed by our guarantee. We take pride in offering the very best in repairs, maintenance and installation. We also ensure that all the work we do is finished quickly and complexly, with complete customer satisfaction every time. This allows you to save money and get back to your life as soon as possible with little interruption.