About Us

2 Brothers Plumbing

We have been working in Australia for years now, serving out our customers to the best of our abilities and ensuring that they are satisfied with the service we give them. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and try to treat each client’s problem as if it were a problem in our own home or business. For the past few years, we have specialized in property maintenance and emergency plumbing services.


Our team is fully qualified to handle any kind of plumbing and property maintenance work necessary. Please contact us to ask about specific qualifications for our various team members, and rest assured knowing that no matter what job we do, our team members assigned to that job will be trained and certified for that job.


Albert Park

Middle Park

South Yarra


North Melbourne



Port Melbourne

St. Kilda

Melbourne CBD


Our Areas of Expertise

It’s important to hire the right person for the job, and our team specializes in the following areas of service

Finding solutions to plumbing problems.

Effecting plumbing repairs for homeowners and business owners.

Maintaining property for retail stores, NGOs, real estate brokers and more.

Economically-friendly plumbing solutions.

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